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Hey there!

Welcome to the Harry Potter Writers' Guild, a Live Journal community for writers of Harry Potter fanfiction. Members may post stories for critique and help, or make posts about issues related to writing. If you're brand-new to writing, don't feel embarrassed! Everyone started somewhere, and even the best writers wrote some awful dreck when they were starting out. If you're determined to improve, and are open to advice, working with other writers can be an incredible help.

Our homepage is over here. BetaSwap is woefully out of date, and so is the archive review. Sorry.


Things to keep in mind:

‡ All pairings are welcome ‡
That means that this is not to be viewed as slash-only, het-only or gen-only. All styles and genres of fiction are also welcome.
‡ Guidelines for posting fics ‡
Writers should summarize their fics, explain what problems they think they might have, and use a cut tag: <lj-cut text="blah blah"> to hide the their story. Please observe these conventions: the ability to evaluate your work is an important skill that gives other writers a notion of how much help you need, and full stories would make loading times of journal pages too slow.
MEMBERS MAY ONLY POST STORIES FOR THE PURPOSES OF GETTING HELP WITH THEIR STORIES. These kinds of posts are helpful because it encourages people to think about writing critically. DO NOT POST FINISHED STORIES OR PARTS OF STORIES FOR THE PURPOSES OF GETTING REVIEWS. There are a ridiculous number of places to publish finished work. Use them.

‡ As long as members follow posting guidelines, ALL ratings are allowed. ‡

‡ Guidelines for critiques ‡
:: Do not flame or make a personal attack. Ever. You will be removed.
:: If an author has a stated goal, try to keep that in mind when writing your critique.
:: Point out both strengths and weakness of the fic.
‡ That which cannot be abided ‡
:: Promotion of finished fics or chapters. Our focus is on works in progress. There are plenty of other communities where you may promote your finished writings.
:: Posts about actors, or any other "fan-oriented" post.
:: Posts promoting RPGs in any way, shape, or form.
:: Posts promoting other communities. *If you have a writing-related community or site, you may ask monifieth to post about it. Just pop over and ask in a comment. Furthermore, to affiliate, leave a comment in her journal too.
‡ Affiliates ‡

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